Puppet heads

As I mentioned before, we're working on a little production over here.  Nothing too exciting.  Just something fun for the girls and I to work on together - a puppet show.  We're making all kids of puppets...stick puppets, sock puppets, you name it...

I've been able put a few of my discarded/wonky puppet heads to use.  I have a bin of random doll and toy parts leftover from the book and I hate to see them just sit there...

This head above will be getting an embroidered face today.

And that is a whole lot easier to do with these ladies off to school everyday.  They started back last Tuesday after a long, fun summer.

Hopefully, I'll be back with a finished face or puppet soon.


  1. Ah, thanks Beth. You're too kind :)

  2. I agree with Beth. They need to care cute warnings! lol Aren't you lucky? :)

  3. Very lucky. And with them back in school, I actually miss the chaos and noise! They are great kids.