Doll Play

What keeps me sewing (and knitting) dolls and toys for my girls...

Sorry.  We just got a new computer and I'm still figuring out a few things.  Like working with photos/resolution.

What we're working on at the moment.  It is quite a production.  But all three girls are involved and everyone is busy and has a role. Beware family in SoCal - we have something special coming your way later this year. :)


  1. I love to see little girls at play with their dolls!!! I used to sit out under the tree and spread a blanket and play with my dolls, too! That's what little girls used to do in the summer. I NEVER see little girls playing with dolls like that anymore. So nice to see yours playing with a mom-made doll and cute clothes! **Could you be working on a family tree?????

    1. There is plenty of doll play around here. Keeps me sewing!

      And, no, I'm/we're not working on a family tree of any sorts. That is a green puppet head I'm sewing up above...it's *that kind* of production (like a musical/show). :)

  2. Children playing with dolls is what dollmaking is all about :-)


  3. Wow! Your dollies are so beautiful! They must take such long time to make, but so worth the time :) I'm sure your daughter was thrilled!