New Year, New Projects!

Christmas Morning, 2010.

January always felt so gloomy when I was a kid. All that build up before the holidays, the anticipation for Christmas Day and even New Year's Eve...and then it would be over. *Poof*

Nowadays, I actually love this time of year. It feels so full of potential. A time of renewal and change. I don't mind packing away the holiday decorations, clearing the fabric remnants off my cutting table, vacuuming beneath my sewing cabinet, stashing away the serger and coversticher after my annual pajama-making marathon (10 matching nightgowns/pajamas sets this year!). I actually feel excited. Invigorated!

I have some cool things I'm working on right now, including a new toy that I've been daunted by in the past, but would love to make; I think I'm going to give it a try this month. I have a few more things in store for the new year...

But just to wrap up the holidays (and since a few of you so kindly emailed and asked) - yes, my middle daughter loved her doll! Loved her! She brings her other dolls/toys into "the Pink Room" daily (that's my sewing space/youngest daughter's room) to visit Noelle. Lots of sweet conversation and imaginative play.

And the marionettes! We surprised our girls with them the night after Christmas because The Sound of Music happened to be on TV. We walked them out during "The Lonely Goatherd" scene :). My youngest was controlling the goat and my husband and I maneuvered the boy and the little girl in her pale pink coat. I wish we had someone video tape their reactions. My middle daughter responded as I guessed she would - FULL of excitement and ran over and grasped one of puppets. My oldest daughter, however, was visually torn between the marionettes and her intense concentration on assembling her Harry Potter LEGO Hogwarts set. It's a little hard to compete with Harry Potter, it seems.

But now that Hogwarts is all complete, my oldest has played with the puppets quite a bit and seems intent on figuring out how to manipulate them.

And we've had ample talks about future puppet-making/The Lonely Goatherd projects. Just as I hoped.


  1. The delight on your daughter's face is so wonderful to behold; it is a great thing to be a young girl and receive such a special doll :-) Thank you for sharing the picture; I know 2011 will be filled with creativity for you and your girls!


  2. Your daughter's sweet smile matches that on the doll!
    What a wonderful way to introduce the puppets, right during the scene on the Sound of Music.
    I'm sure you will have a productive and creative year. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  3. Happy New Year!! We would like to be friends with you! Follow us on http://travelwithmichael.blogspot.com/

  4. I love your dolls and have been "lurking" around your blog for quite awhile now. The expression on your daughter's face with her new doll is priceless. Thanks for sharing your talent with those of us who only wish we could sew half as well!

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