My Creative Space - A Christmas Doll

Meet Noelle. She was almost a "Clara", but my daughter settled on Noelle. She is a Christmas doll that I am finishing up for my 5-year old.

I'll take more photos of her once the rain and dark clouds have left the Bay Area. Right now, our house is so dark!

Next time I take photos, I'll remove her lined hooded cape to show her cute little hairstyle. It was requested by my daughter (the hairstyle), as was the black velvet dress and red sparkly shoes.

Note to self...sewing with velvet is not fun. At all! I ended up doing a lot of hand-sewing because the lint factor was driving me nuts.

My daughter is so excited about this doll. Of course, she hasn't seen her yet, but she asks about her daily. And everytime "The First Noel" comes on the radio, she screams, "Mom, just like my Christmas doll!"

I'll post more photos of Noelle later this week/early next week.

And I'll reveal the next clue by Friday!!! I'm putting together a little box of treats for the first person to guess correctly. Keep guessing!


  1. She is so beautiful! I love the shoes! x

  2. oh my god, she is BEAUTIFUL!


  3. Magical as always. I see the nutcracker every year. I am guessing she is Gretel. But not really because that a pretty scary story, im not sure you would have been excited about that story.

  4. Thank you Mon Alisa and Fabiana! I know my daughter will love her. She's so impatient for Christmas.

    @ Miss Carey - not a Christmas Elf. Though that would be cute! The next two clues will be more helpful/revealing (if two are actually needed!)

    @ ricebabies - not Gretel. My older sister was scared of Hansel and Gretel. We had some weird recording of it with an eerie tune that will always be stuck in my head. Like I said above, the clues to follow will be more helpful.

  5. Noelle is lovely, so gentle and sparkling, just like Christmas :-)


  6. I love her! Your little girl will be thrilled when she sees her!

  7. Lucky daughter! I want the same doll for my Christmas!

  8. What a beautiful doll. I especially like her fur trimmed cape.

  9. Thanks as always, Beth :). Your words always mean alot.

    And you too, Shelley! I almost want to videotape when my daughter sees her. The anticipation is high :)

    Thank you biscuitbear. I was looking at some of your work on your blog...incredible detail. You're quite skilled!

    Thanks, Shari. I like her cape also...though I only had limited fur trim, otherwise I would have made the trim go all the way around the cape. I guess lots of stores are out of that trim this time of year.

  10. amazing! Glitter shoes, the details are perfection.

  11. She is so beautiful. What a treasure for your daughter!

  12. Your dolls are spectacular!
    I'm breathless!!

    Thank you ~

  13. Is the pattern for this doll in your book?