Clue #4 and a Scary Tree

We're all moved into our new house! It will take weeks (months!) to really settle in here, but I have my sewing space set up so its functional, allowing me to finish up several Christmas presents. Once the holidays are over, I'll work on that space a little more.

The picture above is Clue #4. It's the hat. I need to clean up the edges a litle, but its otherwise done.

I'm working hard on this project and should have a few more clues later this week. Hopefully, I'll be all done with this gift by early next week (Monday/Tuesday) for the grand reveal :). Stay tuned and keep guessing!

On a totally different note, look at this Christmas tree!

Yes, those are blue LED lights. My husband took the younger girls on an errand run yesterday and they picked up a new strand of lights for our Christmas tree. We're going with a small tree this year and its currently perched up on the entertainment center in the darkest corner of the room (we desperately need more lights in this house!). He said the girls wanted blue lights so he bought them. However, they turn the tree BLACK! It looks absolutely dreadful in person. He tried to sell it to the kids ("The tree looks RAD!") but they don't like it. At all. We left it up last night just to laugh at it but I'm about to head to the store to buy some white lights. And then we'll actually decorate the tree.


  1. You may start a new fad...a Gothic Christmas tree :-)

    How happy you must be to be moved in! Now the treasure hunt starts as you try to find which box the mixing bowls are in, and that favorite book...been there, done that.

    A blond with a pixie hat...is this a specific character?? Maybe a little blond gnome :-)


  2. @ Beth - I can't find some of the Christmas gifts I've been stashing away for the kids! It's mostly books, but they were easy to slide into random boxes while we were packing. I know they are out in the garage somewhere! I need to locate them soon :)

    No...not a blond gnome. The next couple clues will be really helpful. Stay tuned :)