Aprons and Hem-Stitching

The apron is done, for now. My daughter hand-stitched the one on the right out of a delicate white lawn. I quickly sewed up the one on the left out of a teeny scrap of Japanese fabric. I used the machine for most of mine, but hand-stitched the hem and the band to the skirt with her so she could follow along with what I was doing. She learned a new hemming technique and also how to gather by-hand.

I realized after cutting out the apron I made that I really need to test these patterns first. The apron is meant for a 16 inch doll...but not a doll as chubby as the ones I make :). So I had her cut her apron a bit wider and she made the ties a little longer, too. Considering the first few garments are sewn entirely by hand, I'd hate for her to spend a week making something that won't even fit her dolls. Even if I have to make quick, toss-away versions out of paper towels, I need to ensure that these patterns will fit and redraft where necessary.

Anyways, the final step on the apron involves embroidering three kittens in an outline stitch onto the skirt. You can see a tiny picture of the apron here.

I scanned and then enlarged the kittens for her to work on her embroidery on the side. She wakes up earlier than anyone in this house - embroidery work is a perfect quiet morning activity for her. At some point, she can add the trio of kittens...for now, we consider the apron project done!

Today she is finishing up this linen handkerchief below (she's worked on this project quite a bit since I snapped this picture). She is hem-stitching the hem, a new technique for both of us! We/she followed the instructions in the book and online, but I realized half-way through, that it would be easier for her to work from left-to-right, so the second half of this handkerchief is moving along a bit quicker now. She just needs to finish up a bit more on the last side, remove the basting, whip-stitch some lace edging, learn how to make a fell, and she'll be ready to move on to her first garment, a nightgown for her doll.

And her Wee Wonderfuls X-Stitchette is done. I imagine this sampler will be covered by the year's end - so many more stitches to learn/embroidery techniques. The "S" in the top corner is her practicing the outline stitch.

That's it for now!


  1. I think this is so nice. I taught myself to sew as an adult. I tinkered w/ a few things when I was younger but my mom always took over b/c I didn't know what I was doing LOL. I hope my daughters are interested in learning to sew. I could probably learn a lot from a children's sewing book ;)

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  2. A lovely post; so fun to follow along with you and your daughter as she learns to sew :-)


  3. @ t-beri - I feel like I still don't know what I'm doing half the time. I'm def. learning a few things reading the book as well :). oh, and hey, I just looked at your blog...my older sister is a licensed midwife :). very cool.

    and thanks Beth. I know how fondly you look back on your lessons. I'm hoping my girls do too someday.

  4. Lily just turned 5 I think maybe we'll start w/ some sewing cards. Thanks for checkin' out my blog, it's still a baby. I'm not starting school until next fall. Was planning to start in January so I'm a little bummed but I'll get there.;)

  5. What a wonderful post and cute little aprons. Love the fact that your making some beautiful memories that your daughter will cherish forever.

  6. Thanks Pam. I'm really hoping these will be good memories for her. She really does seem to like it.